The Toll of California’s Bushfires

Californian bushfire has taken a significant toll and has surprised people across the world with its intensity, duration, and spread. The fire has resulted in thousands of people having to flee their homes, as the state of California declared a statewide emergency.

The number of people who have been told to flee their homes to stay safe against the Kincade fire is 180,000. Similarly in Southern California, Tick fire has burnt down structures, resulting in the evacuation of tens of thousands of citizens.

The wind stays as one of the prime fuelling factors for the fire. It presently threatens the towns in the Sonoma wine region. Apart from evacuations, prominent blackouts are among the resultants.

The Kincade fire, which is towards the northern part of San Francisco, has spread right up to 12,000 hectares. It is in the process of being contained, but this is going to be difficult with human effort alone.

Dozens of fires are burning across California as of present. The Kincade fire is the largest and the most destructive among them. It has been accentuated by wind blowing in excess of 90 mph. Dozens of homes have been destroyed as a resultant.

Many hospitals have evacuated patients to other hospitals. They include Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital and Santa Rosa – Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

94 of the buildings have been destroyed since the fire started, and 80,000 structures are still under threat. Governor Gavin Newsom has expressed that they are coordinating with a number of agencies and deploying each of the resources available to counter the fires.

Containing the fire is among the top priorities at this time. A north wind event or a dry event would impact its spread. A few of the regions around do not put with fires seasonally and are ill-equipped to deal with the same.

The fuels in the region are dry, old, dense and decadent. The fire relief measures currently involve 3000 firefighters. They are attempting to extinguish the fire using air tankers and helicopters. Similarly, attempts are underway to ensure that no fresh fires erupt in the region. The resultant of the fires also reflects over the air quality in San Francisco.

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