How accurate can we expect ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ to be?

Once upon a time in Hollywood’ is a Hollywood movie, the plot of which is based in the year 1969. It was during this era that films made with rugged bravado were making way for movies that were modern and stylish in their essence.

Lead stars in the film are Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. DiCaprio plays Rick Dalton, a fictional Hollywood star, while Pitt plays Cliff Boothe, his loyal stuntsman. In 1969, Dalton and Boothe come to feel that their future in uncertain. They are not sure about how to move on, when fresh stars like Sharon Tate (played by Margot Robbie) are undertaking an uphill journey.

At the background of Dalton and Boothe’s story is the story of Charles Manson. The story of his cult and Sharon Tate’s murder form an important part of this movie.

This is Quentin Tarantino’s ninth movie. Some of the details are historically accurate and some have been revised in the movie. In this article, we will discuss both categories.

 It is a fact that Charles Manson cult did exist. However Manson’s contact with Dalton and Boothe is fictional, as the former two characters never existed.

An important fact documented by the movie is that Sharon Tate was murdered by Manson Cult. Similarly, as the movie expresses, Steve McQueen was almost involved with Manson murders.

Hugh Hefner mansion and Bunnies that have been shown in the movie has some glitches. Sharon Tate never went to Hugh Hefner mansion. She was murdered two years before the mansion was set up, in 1971.

An accurate fact from the movie; however is that it was four people that had carried out Manson murders. It had so happened that four of Charles Manson’s followers barged into Tate and Polanski’s house. They went there to kill everyone inside. It was not Tate and Polanski that they were specifically targeting. Polanski and Tate were not present in the house at that time. While Watson carried a gun, the women bought knives.

Bruce Lee’s appearance was accurate. Some of the evidence of Tate’s murder was linked to Lee. They found glasses similar to what Lee would wear, but all charges were later dropped. The ending is fictional, and Tarantino has come up with his own version of tragic events.

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