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Will Work for Food Franchise

Yes, many prime locations are still available! ... and the best corners are only available through Will Work for Food Franchisor's, Inc.

Don't delay another minute because you too can be making the really big dollars (that's tax free big $$$$) beginning just as soon as you get your very own Will Work for Food franchise! Yes, that right, big TAX FREE dollars are waiting to fill your pockets from of our exclusive street corners.

No special skill or education needed, and best of all .... all of your customers come to you! Our proven Will Work for Food program is all you need to begin a successful panhandling career. Here is what Herman Bedwetter had to say about our great money making program:

"aT frst I was scepitical to, but I was reelly down on my luk and needed to do sumting kwickly. Then I red this ad while stinkinup the local library an cruzin da web with dar puter and figured what da heck. So I stole the money needed to by my own franchise and wow! You know, it change my whole life. They even placed me on a successful corner and within days my pockets were full of money. Now I get my drugs from a reputable dealer with money that I earned honestly ... no more crime for this junkie now that I have my very own Will Work for Food Franchise" -- Hermy

Don't waste another minute - Call Now!

Operators standing by waiting for call.

Yes indeed! Will Work for Food supplies everything your need to get started immediately on a successful panhandling career. We provide the cardboard sign, the prime location and we give you the special instructional tape "How to Look & Smell Homeless." Yes, our program includes everything you need to begin making money immediately:

Get that good paying job you've always deserved!

Steal the Money and Order Today!

Yes, say goodbye today to that dead beat life. Call right now and one of our "operators" will take your money and get you started a fantastic panhandling career in your community. And, if you call today, as a bonus, we will include a wood crutch and fake cast with each order - just in case some jerk actually offers you a job. ... and of course, MAY GOD BLESS.

Chose from our many very successful programs!

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Read our Real fake Testimonials

I was a real dead beat until I found this franchise - this program really works. I actually make enough money to buy my own cigarettes. Earning my own way thru life again, it really make me feel like a man again.

Joe Smith, Chicago

My other job is collecting a disability every month, but it wasn't supporting my habit. I bought a Will Work for Food Franchise as a second job. The extra money opened some real opportunities for me. Now that I got good money, my dealer's been given some good discounts. I'm thinking about opening a third business, selling drug near the local high school.

Bill Johnson, Sacramento

I use to sit on the street all day with my little cup and fake injury barely making enough to pay for protection. I bought a Will for Food franchise and made enough money that first week to hire a couple of bad boys to clean up the streets – now I got respect, people round here pay me to keep the streets safe. I bought up a dozen or so Will Work for Franchises and let them out to good-ol-boys who need work.

Robert Williams, Miami

The Will Work for Food franchise is a successful program. They give you everything you need and get you started on your own corner. It's also a really great job, you get to meet all kinds of people. I've also learned that we perform a really important service to society because there are so many people that really feel good about giving. This job is a wonderful opportunity to make those people feel so good about themselves. It is so rewarding to see the smile I put on peoples face as I take their money and say "oh thank you so much, you can't imagine how much this help ... may God bless you." After a few months I made enough money to buy a new car - cash. Next month I'm gona buy a house. The Will Work for Food franchise is such a rewarding job ... I wish that I had heard of the program earlier in my career.

Bob Jones, Hollywood

Our Guarantee and Legal Disclaimer.

Use these ideas, products, and suggestions at enormous risk. We guarantee personal embarrassment and financial loss. In fact, we expect you will suffer serious financial loss, bodily injury and be arrested. The ideas and methods described here were fictitiously fabricated under unique situations that we guarantee cannot be duplicated. We further guarantee you will get different results, but if for some unusual reason you should happen to actually make money, we also guarantee to sue you for franchise infringement or some other concocted frivolous reason. If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your result we won't give your money back because we really don't care.